Andy Holleman

Anchorage School Board Candidate, 2017


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If you’ve been following education in Anchorage you probably know a bit about me.  I’ve been around Anchorage classrooms for over 20 years, either as a tutor, science teacher, Business Education teacher, technology coordinator, or representing Anchorage educators as president of the Anchorage Education Association.

There’s no question we’re about to enter a critical time.  Funding is certain to be flat or decreasing as the state works its way through aligning its budget with revenues.  While this will be limiting I think it’s a great time to put authority and decision making back into our local schools.  As resources tighten, let’s keep them as close to students as we possibly can.

From the work I’ve done, I think I have a good understanding of how Board and Administration policy impacts educators and their classrooms.  We’re very proud of the range of students and educational programs in the ASD.  It’s time to let our neighborhood schools have the flexibility they need to meet budgets while best addressing the needs of the students in each building.  Central oversight of local decision making is a way to keep the quality of what we do in our schools high as meet a challenging budget.


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And of course, if you have questions, let's talk.  Email me, or call me at 301-7004.

Andy Holleman